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Lone Ranger The Legend Begins - 17 Episodes on DVD.

This two DVD boxset includes 17 Episodes of the original Lone Ranger TV series and a 15 part Serial Movie from 1938 which explains the origins and hisory of the Lone Ranger saga.

Regular : $39.99 Special: $19.99

The American Soldier - Complete History of U.S. Wars 4 DVDs

This expansive, ambitious four-volume collection examines every major conflict in America's bloody history. Hosted by George Kennedy, these documentaries use interviews with historians, dramatic reenactments, painting, photographs, narration, and film clips to explore wars from 1702 (Queen Anne's war, the first officially fought on American soil) to the current battle in Iraq.

Regular : $39.99 Special: $19.99

Mystery Classics - 50 Movie DVD Box Set

This classic mystery collection has all the best detectives all in one place: Dick Tracy, Sherlock Holmes, The Shadow, Bulldog Drummond, Mr. Moto, Mr Wong and many more!! This tremendous 50-movie collection combines suspense and twists and turns for countless hours of classic entertainment. Excellent Value - 60 Cents per movie, Digitally Remastered for DVD, ALL Full-Length Feature Films, First Time Available in DVD Format, Over 70 Hours of Movies.

Regular : $39.99 Special: $22.99

Western Classics - 50 Movie DVD Box Set

Singing Cowboys. In the golden days of westerns, the cowboys out-gunned the bad guys, always got the girl and watered their horses too. As if that weren't enough, they could sing and boy did they sing! Tex Ritter, Gene Autry and even Roy Rogers serenaded legions of fans in classic features such as Sing Cowboy Sing, Springtime in the Rockies, and Under California Stars.

Regular : $39.99 Special: $22.99

Victor at Sea - 26 Episodes on 3 DVD's

Considered by many the greatest War Documentary ever made. Over 13,000 hours of footage gathered from the US, British, German and Japanese navies during World War II were perused in the making of these compelling documentaries.

Regular : $49.99 Special: $19.99

War Classics - 50 Movie DVD Box Set

Features an incredible mix of stirring war movies and fascinating documentaries that detail the greatest battles and campaigns of World War II. Stars like Sidney Poitier, Van Johnson, John Ireland and Montgomery Clift bring the immediacy of conflict to life and celebrity narrators like Ronald Reagan, Gene Kelly, Clark Gable and John Huston helm classic documentaries that vividly convey the key military campaigns that determined the fate of the free world.

Regular : $39.99 Special: $22.99

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