TalkStar Radio Network Comstream Receiver Setup

Satellite: Galaxy 4R (G4) C-Band at 99 degrees west longitude.
Transponder: 3

Note: Many of the State News Network, Talk Networks and Sports Play by Play (College and Professional) are ON Galaxy 4. We MIGHT already be in your control room!

To program Comstream ABR receivers

Using a male to female straight serial cable (DB 9 male to DB 9 Female), connect a PC with Windows or DOS to the programming port on the ABR

Use a terminal program (like Hyperterminal that comes in Windows) to send the ABR the necessary commands.

The ABR needs this protocol:
data bits: 7
parity: odd
baud rate: 2400
stop bits: 1
Flow control: none

Once you have established communications with the ABR , here is the syntax to program the feed.

Login: homeyd
CC 3, 3747700,192000,1 (press Enter)
FD 1,5,3,7 (press Enter) (add ,0,0 for earlier abr receivers)
FS 1 (press Enter)
AQ 2 (press Enter)

IF: 59.6 mHz where 70.0 mHz is center frequency

Right channel audio is TalkStar Radio.