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Meet the Man who sees the future and isn't afraid to tell it to you.

Chuck Harder joined TalkStar® Radio line up with the promise of renewing his radio fight for a NEW MORNING IN AMERICA with even greater vigor, because he believes his message is needed more now than ever before. No radio program in the history of broadcasting has ever done more to help people and strengthen the fiber of this Country then has Chuck's.

If you cant catch Chuck Live, podcasting is also available: Click here to go to Good Politics Radio.

Mr. Harder wants to see JOB'S COME BACK to America. Chuck says, "We have lost 20 million good high- paying jobs as our government encourages factories to move offshore and fire the USA workers. Two government agencies; The Overseas Private Investment Corporations and the USA Agency For International Development actually help factories move. We must bring the factories back so we can have a "value-added" economy and be able to pay our international debts. We are now the world's largest debtor nation and it used to be the other way around before "Free Trade."

Mr. Harder concludes, "Our mission is to restore America and protect the working family. This is done by raising awareness of the issues affecting us and then in turn those in Washington will eventually hear our pleas. 

Chuck Harder Commentary: Katrina and Rita Illuminate the Permanent Underclass

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