About TalkStar® Radio Network

White Springs Media, parent company of TalkStar® Radio, owns and operates two teleports --- an ALSAT licensed horizon to horizon protected C Band facility in White Springs, FL and an ALSAT KU Band licensed facility in Titusville, FL--- and is authorized and capable of delivering unlimited channels of Audio, Video and Data.

The Teleport offers a variety of satellite communication services and terrestrial fiber-optic capabilities, including: Internet broadband delivery, multi-channel network origination and transmission, domestic and international satellite transmissions, multiple turnaround capabilities, audio and video IP streaming and private audio, video and data broadcasting.

In addition, a unique aspect of the business is the vertical integration of company owned or controlled 'content' with its Delivery Systems. In this regard, the Teleport provides radio programming to the United States and Canada via its TalkStar® Radio and HealthStar Radio Networks and also provides video programming via its full conus digital video Network.

By virtue of its venue at the highest elevation in Florida, the White Springs Media Teleport can 'see' Eutelsat over the Atlantic to facilitate transmission to and from Europe.

The Company name, White Springs Media, comes from the tiny town of White Springs, Florida, population 800, where its Teleport is situated. The company's facility is located on a bluff overlooking the Suwannee River three miles east of I-75 (Exit 439) on State Road 136 or 4 miles north of I-10 (Exit 301) in North Central Florida. See the Town of White Springs Web site for more information and history.

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