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David E. Jones, discoverer of the 5th Element of Fire Announces New 'Live' International Science Radio Show Called 'Galaxy of Science'

Now the many wonderful "unknown" home brew amateur American scientist and dedicated science hobbyist get their own radio "soap box" with their own new radio show, "Galaxy of Science" heard "Live" on the TalkStar Radio Network, International Satellite Radio, and many other independent radio stations across the USA like KCAA AM radio located near Hollywood California which created the Galaxy of Science radio show a few months ago.

October 28, 2005 -- David E. Jones, (D.E.J.) a freelance scientist and inventor, honored with several US patents, discoverer of the 5th Element of Fire and the creator of many life saving devices is still relatively unknown. But now D.E.J. has a new sideline hosting a revolutionary new science radio show called "Galaxy of Science". The "Galaxy of Science" radio show was recently created by KCAA RADIO 1050 AM in Loma Linda, California USA last spring. full story...

Canada's 'X' Zone Radio Show and It's Commander Rob McConnell

The Bermuda Triangle is not the only zone of mystery on the Earth. The Great Lakes Triangle in the heartland of North America have an even higher concentration of unexplainable ship disappearances, invisible walls that have sheared wings off planes, ghost ship sightings, lake monsters than anywhere else in the world! It is from the heart of this zone of mystery on the shores of Lake Ontario, in the City of Hamilton, Ontario that Rob McConnell, the host and executive producer of the TalkStar Radio Network hit late night talk radio show, The 'X' Zone Show - - entertains, informs and enlightens listeners around the world. full story...

White Springs Teleport Services provides Video Feeds for Tarver Jones Pre-Fight Events

Portland, OR - September 29, 2005 -- White Springs Teleport Services, LLC, a subsidary of White Springs Media, INC, was responsible for providing Satellite Teleport Services for both Live and On-Demand coverage of events related to the Roy Jones Jr. vs. Antonio Tarver 3 fight.

The video feeds were globally accessible by virtue of the company's Teleport in Titusville, FL; the program was exclusively distributed via satellite to Consolidated Streaming and Wi-Fi TV, companies that offer consumer's high speed internet streaming of over 200 live TV channels. full story...

WHITE SPRINGS MEDIA announces a NEW FTA (Free To Air) Satellite TV Channel with Commercial Free Movies!

Portland, Oregon - Free to air satellite systems are designed to receive "in the clear" (unscrambled) digital TV signals direct from space by owners of small satellite dishes and receivers. White Springs Media spokesperson, Victor Ives, says, "At the present time, there are dozens of stations telecasting direct from space providing news, sports, networks, special interest programming, ethnic channels and foreign language channels that are available without a subscription. The selection is also constantly changing, with new channels coming online and some old ones going offline or changing their broadcast schemes".full story...


Broadcast vet likes the signals he sees from satellite radio!

The Business Journal of Portland - August 8, 2005 - His black hair is speckled with gray now and he's added a few pounds, but Victor Ives still reminds you of the Dracula-like character he played on local cult hit "Sinister Cinema" in the 1970s.

"I get recognized often, especially when I wear black," says Ives, a broadcast veteran who has spent time both behind the mike and as a manager of radio stations across the country.

Ives has a long history in broadcasting. He created "The Golden Age of Radio," an original vintage radio retrospective once heard on more than 300 stations. He also co-founded local Channel 32, which eventually affiliated with the Warner Bros. Network.

But it's what lies ahead that really excites him: his venture into satellite-delivered radio programming.full story...


TravelTalkRADIO begins distribution of program via satellite uplink beginning May 29, 2005.

May 24, 2005 - San Diego, CA -- CelestiaLINK LLC, parent company of TravelTalkNEWS, TravelTalkRADIO, and TravelTalkTV, announced this week a new delivery channel based in Florida will be distributing their content. The delivery system feeds TravelTalkRADIO programming to conventional radio stations anywhere in the Western Hemisphere via satellite. The new broadcast begins Sunday May 28, 2005 from noon to 2pm Eastern Time.

"We are excited to work with our new distribution alliance, Florida based TalkStar Radio", said Sandy Dhuyvetter, executive producer and host of TravelTalkRADIO. "We have been talking with these folks for some time and in the course of discussions we have been impressed that they really do have their act together. We are pleased to move ahead with our plans to build TravelTalkRADIO to be the premiere educational and news programming for travel. We believe TalkStar Radio has the train tracks we need to get our rail cars, full of content, to our audiences". full story...


Depleted Uranium: Cause and Effect 4 Hour Special on The 'X' Zone Radio Show and TalkStar Radio Network

Monday, March 21, 2005 - Hamilton, Ontario - On Thursday evening, March 24 at 10 PM, Rob McConnell, host and executive producer of the TalkStar Radio Network's "The 'X' Zone Radio Show" will be dedicating his 4 hour show to the horrors and world-wide effect of Depleted Uranium.full story...


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